Chay-Sen Restaurant offers vegetarian cuisine in a tranquil and cozy environment. The choice of gray and a white color scheme, along with the harmonious combination of furniture creates an elegant highlight in the restaurant.

The menu is a disappointment, because the chef pays attention to detail and is meticulous in preparing quality vegetarian meals that are affordable for the price you need. Guests spend money to enjoy vegetarian meals.

Ngoc Tho Vegetarian Restaurant

If you like vegetarian food and a family-style atmosphere, then visit Ngoc Tho Vegetarian Restaurant! It is easy to locate the restaurant and you can feel the warmth and closeness of the place by the layout. The owner also makes you feel comfortable. Here you can find vegetarian food

It is a popular restaurant despite its lack of a lavish space. Vegetarian dishes have unique colors and flavors.

GREEN Vegetarian Restaurant suggests that you visit Green Vegetarian Restaurant. Green Vegetarian restaurant is a new design that uses green as its main color. It also arranges more trees to create an airy and cool atmosphere.

The food is not only based on the decor and taste of the restaurant but also the investment in the space. A visually pleasing vegetarian dish is created by the delicate combination of vegetables and harmonious colors.

Pi Vegetarian Saigon

Pi Vegetarian Saigon offers a cozy atmosphere with warm colors and yellow lights. The sophisticated design of the restaurant is both modern and classic.

The vegetarian dishes are full of vibrant colors, combining the colors of the vegetables and fruits. The restaurant does not just focus on the appearance of the vegetarian dishes, but also the taste.

There are many vegetarian options at Pi Vegetarian Saigon: vegetarian salad, mushroom, pizza, pumpkin curry and rice with brown rice.

Thanh Lac Vegetarian Restaurant

Thanh Lac Vegetarian Restaurant is the next stop. It has a brand new design, with fresh colors and new colors. The colors are very appealing and highlight the space. The arrangement of chairs and tables is also carefully planned to complement the space.

The menu at Thanh Lac Vegetarian Restaurant is varied and offers many tasty vegetarian dishes. Vegetarian dishes are rich in variety, and the combination of vegetables with new colors and careful seasoning has attracted both sight and smell. The restaurant’s vegetarian dishes are characterized by their flavor.

Buddha Chay

Buddha Chay is a cozy and ancient color scheme. The quiet area with its new, yet cozy design is one of the main attractions for diners. The restaurant staff is also dedicated. It is not possible to have vegetarian dishes in such a tranquil space without them being eye-catching.

You will get a good idea of the quality of the food at Buddha Chay by looking at their rich menu. When it comes to quality, the chefs at Buddha Chay are known for their meticulous and skilled preparation of the food.